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connector n : an instrumentality that connects; "he soldered the connection"; "he didn't have the right connector between the amplifier and the speakers" [syn: connection, connexion, connecter, connective]

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-or connect


  1. A device (or, more precisely, a mating pair of devices, often a plug and a socket) for connecting together two wires, cables, or hoses, allowing electricity or fluid to flow but also allowing easy disconnection and reconnection when necessary.
  2. A highway or freeway road which connects to another highway or freeway. It can be part of an interchange or a longer roadway such as the 1.5 mile (2.5 kilometer) U.S. Route 24 Connector.
  3. A line connecting two shapes in presentation software.


mating pair of devices
  • Czech: konektor
  • Dutch: connector, verbindingsstuk
  • Japanese: 端子 (tanshi)
road connecting other roads
line connecting two shapes
  • Czech: spojnice

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